Where Not to Stay in Eilat: Herod’s Palace Hotel Eilat

The Herod’s Palace Hotel Eilat is the typical Fattal chain hotel with a pretense to 5-star hotel – bad food and worn out rooms. The hotel is understaffed and badly maintained.

Where to Stay in Eilat: Hotel Herods

Still the hotel has some advantages – spacious rooms, great location (near the quietest beach in Eilat) and large swimming pool.

Herods Palace Hotel Eilat

Herods Palace Hotel Eilat

The food lacks several attributes expected from 5-star hotel:

  • Freshness
  • Quality control
  • Chef’s touch

Herods Palace Hotel Eilat

Even vegetables cut immediately at the buffet breakfast or buffet dinner lacked freshness. Creamy baked potatoes served at breakfast were apparently leftover of yesterday’s breakfast and had foul rancid taste. When I brought the potatoes to attention of a food attendant, she gave me a scornful look and left. When I ordered a glass of wine at the buffet dinner, I was asked to pay for wine in advance before the order was served. Towels and bed clothes are worn out.

Wifi reception at the room was extremely poor, especially outrageous considering exorbitant Internet daily rate of about $20.

The hotel’s condition, food, and service are inferior, especially for the top dollar room rates. Neighbor hotels like Royal Beach, Dan or Hilton are similarly overpriced, understaffed and under-maintained.